Tuesday, May 17, 2011

week 5 and 7 of the Animals and Creatures class @ AM

It's currently week 8 at the AM animals and creatures class, and so far I'm having tuns of fun with this class..
I was not really into quadripeds before I did this, but it's giving me the same feeling as I had the first time I started animating.. Really fresh and excited!

Unfortunatly I have a sort of mini crunch at the studio as well at the moment, so I can't be as involved with the other students and classes as I was used to.. But the mini crunch is almost over (still about three weeks left), so hopefully after that I can cruise around the campus a bit more again :)

Anyway, here is the shot I did this week.. It was a gate change that had to come to a stop:

There are still some fixes that need to happen, but the overall animetion feels pretty good to me..

I also did an assignment for week 4 and 5, which was a walk that turned a corner and come to a complete stop. I wasn't able to finish this yet (the back legs don't look good in some parts, and the tail still needs to be polished.. it's still in blocking), but I'll do that as soon as I can.. I'll put it up by that time!

So yeah, just a quick update to show where things are at the moment.. The last 4 weeks for class will be a big assignment.. I'll keep you guys updated.