Friday, June 18, 2010

It's been a while.. so what's new?

It took me a while to get around and actually post something worthwhile up here.. But I think the last couple of months enough has happened for me to share some new stuff again.

Let's kick off with the announcement of the game I've been working on for the last year and a half: Killzone 3.. Finally it's officially announced!

This is the first teaser trailer to get you in the mood!

Here is the official in-game trailer..

I spend a lot of time on the new melee system, so both knife kills in the trailer are animated by me.

This is a great interview with our managing director Hermen Hulst.. It shows some great playtrough footage as well. I animated the hellghast with the jetpack when he's actually taking of from the intruder ship (at 0:47)..

After my graduation of Animation Mentor last year I kind of took some time for myself, and didn't spend a lot of time animating outside of work.. There were a lot of things going on, like moving into a new house with my girlfriend and actually enjoying life together. But about two months ago I found myself feeling like I needed to level up again in my animation skills.. So I'm up and running again :) I've updated my old site, so if you have some time check it out here

First I'm finishing my short from last year, with the help of a co-worker Mao Lin Liao. He's one of our character modellers at Guerrilla, but he's also really good with shading and lighting! He offered me to help me get this thing done, and I'm very thankfull for that.. Here is a test he did in a couple of hours, and altough this isn't final I really like where things will go.

I'm actually polishing and pushing a lot of the animations since some shots feel a bit underanimated. Hopefully I'll be able to show the short film in full glory soon.. Anyway, I know it's a lot but that's it for now.. Cheers!


Henk said...

Hey tof, updates! Looking forward to the final result Richard. Rock on with KZ3, looks very promising.

Leon Harmon said...

Looks nice! Congrats on the upcoming release. Welcome back!

Toby Cochran said...

Dear lord you film looks amazing! Hey bud, we should catch up on skype or something soon!! I'd love to talk with ya!

and congrats on the release coming up!!

G1toons said...

nice, looking forward to see it done